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The IAM Christmas Meal

103_0314 Stripes shows his approval of this photograph
103_0315 Dave and Mike
103_0316 Dr. Nick and Steve
103_0317 Al
103_0318 Constructing the Doom Balloon
103_0319 Constructing the Doom Balloon
103_0320 Fly, my Doom Balloon, fly!
103_0321 IAM in the Rose Bowl
103_0323 Tim
103_0325 Srinandan
103_0326 Gareth
103_0328 The Blankity Blank contestants: Hugo and myself
103_0329 The Blankity Blank panel (Jane, Terry, monica, Dave and Wendy) with Mike as compere
103_0330 The true horror: Blankity Blank headgear
103_0331 The panel in their headgear: Jane, Terry, monica, Dave and Wendy
103_0332 Not at all uncomfortable
103_0333 The lucky winners with their prizes: photos of senior academic staff and AgentLink pens (no chequebooks)
103_0334 Gareth
103_0336 The rush for the bar at Below Bar
103_0337 Stripes in a slightly better mood
103_0338 Terry, Wendy and Nick
103_0339 John, Jackie and Al
103_0340 Steve and Chris show their approval